Depending on the nature of the assignment our fee is based on an hourly rate, established in advance, apart from charges of additional expenses necessary to carry out the research. For instance court registry duties, cadastral or legal fees, costs of taxation, travel and accommodation, bailiff fees etcetera. In such cases, we always work with an advance payment, as far as possible based on a first estimate of the costs.

In order to claim the rights of inheritance we enter into a written contract with the heir we located by our research. The fee to be paid to our office is based on a percentage of the value of the goods or property the heir is entitled to. Payment of the fee will only take place after the allocation of the inheritance. In that case, we will be working without payment in advance. The efforts and costs to be made for the research of heirs who will prove to be untraceable will be entirely on our account.

We provide international genealogical research