SMEETS | Heir research

has proved to be successful thanks to thorough research in South America and elsewhere in the world, in response to requests from, among others, Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. If necessary we can rely upon an extended network of contacts in a large number of countries, just as these contacts may call upon us if they need our help in the search for certain persons.

However, this kind of research may require considerable time and effort. To settle a case often several heirs have to be located before one can proceed to the correct allocation of the estate. It is also possible that other beneficiaries like creditors or public bodies must agree on the distribution and assignment of the estate before the heirs can be paid. Also, taxations and the selling of real estate and movable property can hinder a fast allocation of an estate.

Depending on the nature and content of the assignment our office will be able to relieve beneficiaries from the often complicated handling of all these matters. Generally, the settlement requires specific knowledge, experience and a solid network of reliable experts. When a particular input is necessary for the execution of these activities, we will collaborate with to us trusted offices.

An Austrian relation requested our Chilean office to track down a Dutch heir for a London solicitor. The issue was the division of an estate in Australia. The solicitor’s search got stuck, and so he turned to a contact in Vienna. After thorough research by our office, we managed to find the person concerned and put him in contact with the solicitor. Thanks to this international collaboration the Australian inheritance could finally be settled.